School and Daycare Cleaners in Calgary

Keeping a clean and healthy environment for students and teachers is essential. For children to reach their full potential, schools must be safe and germ-free.

Calgary Cleaners:Making a Difference in Your Community

B&J Cleaning offers daily, weekly, and bi-weekly office cleaning services. We can be at your service 24/7. We understand that every property is unique. Below is one of the many plans we can put together for your school:

  •     Maintain cleanliness of all areas
  •     Washroom disinfecting and cleaning
  •     Deep Vent cleaning
  •   Carpet Cleaning service
  •     Cleaning ledges, baseboards, and surfaces
  •     Clean walls and windows
  •     Cleaning entranceways, walkways, and exits
  •     Garbage removal

Ideal for Children:Green and Eco-Friendly Calgary Cleaners

Every one of us at B&J Cleaning is a parent. We want to treat your school like our children are your students. One of the ways we can do that is by being mindful with what we use to clean your facility. The products we carry are healthier for our bodies and the environment.

  •     Microfiber Technology: Preserves surfaces while reducing the spread of germs and bacteria
  •     HEPA Vacuums: HEPA filtration captures 99% of fine particles like dust, bacteria, and chemicals
  •     Hospital Grade Disinfectants: Colourless, odourless, and effective

B&J Cleaning: Friendly and Dedicated

Our well-trained team are all hard work and determination. They are reliable and perfectionists with years of experience in the cleaning field. You never have to second guess the quality of service of B&J Cleaning! All our team members are 100% insured and covered under WCB.

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